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I work in IT.  I still call it that – IT.  The industry likes to refer to itself as ICT now though – distancing itself from the NERD overhead that comes with being one of the IT Crowd?  I-T is ramping up it’s presence.  That is, the letter ‘I’ and the letter ‘T’ in either of… Read Article →

In the shit house a shotgun Praying hands hold me down Only the hunter was hunted In this tin can town Tin can town No stars in the black night Looks like the sky fell down No sun in the daylight Looks like it’s chained to the ground Chained to the ground The warden said:… Read Article →

I have been a Doom fan for a while.  is one of my favourite lines in rap music ever.  I was a KMD fan back in the olden days.  Dude’s real name is Daniel Dumile.  He used to be MF Doom – MF standing for metal-fingers or metal-face – and recently he’s dropped the MF… Read Article →

So I scooted around the corner.  Felt compelled to document the journey when I noticed a blue car in front of me with a number plate that featured ‘DB’. That’s a direct hit – Blue and 42.  Makes me think about the whole dB link to this.  When I have a little peek I find… Read Article →

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