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I work in IT.  I still call it that – IT.  The industry likes to refer to itself as ICT now though – distancing itself from the NERD overhead that comes with being one of the IT Crowd?  I-T is ramping up it’s presence.  That is, the letter ‘I’ and the letter ‘T’ in either of… Read Article →

I posted about my Pink syncs and specifically Pink Ladies a couple of posts back – remembering a great link by the way of Jessica Watson and her boat Ella’s Pink Lady.  This pick-up rewarded me with the elation that sync can offer one now. Harking all the way back to my 2nd post here,… Read Article →

I have been a Doom fan for a while.  is one of my favourite lines in rap music ever.  I was a KMD fan back in the olden days.  Dude’s real name is Daniel Dumile.  He used to be MF Doom – MF standing for metal-fingers or metal-face – and recently he’s dropped the MF… Read Article →

When Robocop Met Unicorn the Tin Man met the Unihornicopious. See any Tin Man/Jupiter/42 material and mix it with a bit of Transformer goodness.

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