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The Chi Rho - a glyph that represents Christ

I work in IT.  I still call it that – IT.  The industry likes to refer to itself as ICT now though – distancing itself from the NERD overhead that comes with being one of the IT Crowd?  I-T is ramping up it’s presence.  That is, the letter ‘I’ and the letter ‘T’ in either of the two combo’s it may appear in or as any other rendition yo umay conjure up.  I’ve linked the obvious ones for the title of this post – it ti id – the inclusion of chi, x & qi comes from a few little flickers offered to me by the trusty cosmos.

During a recent Xathon in syncville, I made the connection with X and chi.  Chi being X in the Greek alphabet.  Chi is also how Qi is pronounced, Qi can mean energy flow, gas, spirit or life force. So qi is a flip on id which is Freud’s “The it” – a literal translation of “die id”.  Love how id is coupled with die in German for obvious reasons.

I feel that the literal definition of “the it” is a limited view on the importance of this element of the psyche.  Apparently traits of “the it” are uncoordinated while at the same time the same traits are working towards comfort and happiness with Freud’s Pleasure Principal also applied to add further context to this jibber jabber.

I can’t understand how the tangible progression we all are making towards a more peaceful existence could be viewed as an uncoordinated one.  That drive that “the it” provides appears to be showing us how coordinated these elements are every day via sync.

I digress…

Back to Chi for a bit.  As I understand, Chi is a coloquialism for Chicago – a city that is emerging as a sync centre of sorts.  From a sync perspective the movie “Chicago” has a lot going on that I will not delve into here though I will include the poster below to highlight the red C that is thrust centre stage via promotional media for the film.

One of the many Chicago movie posters with the highlighted red C.

The Red Sea/C was parted by Moses.  The story is told in the Book of Exodus.  Was the Red Sea parted by Chi?

Seeing red pairs with the red C nicely.  Typical depictions of AI in pop culture have red eyes.  Check out a T-800 or HAL-9000 for some clear examples.  A planet that gets a lot of play here is Jupiter.  Jupiter has its famous giant red spot which is also referred to as the eye of Jupiter.  Red Eye – Seeing Red.  This red eye links up to the AI or robotic nature of Cing red as Jupiters symbol – ♃ – is also the alchemical symbol for tin.  The link is made concrete by the Tin Woodsman for The Wizard of Oz.

Poring over glyphs – as one does – I ran across what is described in unicode as Japanese Hiragana letter Ti which looks like this Hiragana - chi.

To me it looks like Saturn’s symbol.  Nice, huh, but I have gone all alchemical on that glyph already in a previous post and as certail mythologies tell it, Jupiter is Saturn’s son, so I flip and reflect Chi/Saturn into ♃/Jupiter/Tin/214/241/42/24/412/421/124/142 I feel 21/12 as a split ♃.

We can take things a little further too if we flip “id” around a bit.  we can do this by flipping the lowercase “d” in ored to make a lowercase “p”.  with the inclusion of the “i” we can then make scrumptious pi.  You may already be familiar with the glyph for pi.

The glyph for pi

I won’t go revisionist on  pi here though I will leave it up to you to look back up at the Hiragana Ti glyph, recall its resonance with Saturn’s glyph, further recall the flipped Saturn glyph that made Jupiter/Tin’s glyph and then see how Hiragana Ti and pi’s glyphs are very similar too if flipped.

A sidenote for g80rz who are checking The Sync Whole is a bit redundant now though this is of course bringing us back to JT/2010.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for now.  Omnidirectional peace to you, G80rz!

Pink sync wyncs II – Stefan’s pink boat

Well wishes to Jessica Watson from fellow 'pink boatie' Stefan
Pink hearts inflated

I posted about my Pink syncs and specifically Pink Ladies a couple of posts back – remembering a great link by the way of Jessica Watson and her boat Ella’s Pink Lady.  This pick-up rewarded me with the elation that sync can offer one now.

Harking all the way back to my 2nd post here, I put up the logo of famous Oz hairstylist, Stefan.

Stefan's rainbow logo
This is Stefan's rainbow logo of old. The same as posted on the 2nd post here at PRR by me. This rainbow has 6 of the 7 stripes of a conventional rainbow (No indigo). The smallest arc included in this iteration of the logo is a purple one.

You gotta check Stefan’s online store for the music – it’s awesome – I have a new soundtrack!  A very interesting detail though is Stefan’s revamped rainbow logo.

Stefan's rainbow  logo
Purple has been replaced by Pink - Splitting hairs

Stefan shares his 1st name with me.  He also shares Pink Boatedness with Jessica Watson.

Stefan's boat

Looking back on my 2nd post, I recalled that Stefan’s logo could be seen at the end of ’80’s Oz TV dating show “Perfect Match”.  Stefan’s salon did the hair for the show.  Perfect Match had an awesome robot(TINman) called Dexter.  Dexter would compute the compatability of the winning couple each episode – also at the end of the show.

Perfect Match's Dexter
Perfect Match's Dexter the Tin Man. His claws look like opposing double chevron's or VV's.

Dexter sports the heart, which is showing up often in conjunction with these pink syncs – as pink hearts did in the pic at the top of this post.  June 3 Jim tweeted “A Red Heart bleeding Light/Love looks Pink. “.  Dex also has a bit of a spectrum going on above the heart on his chest.  Dex of course resonates the other famous TV Dexter, Dexter Morgan.  Dex the Robot’s heart links in with Dex the LAWman’s bloodiness – blood being a DNA vehicle.

Keith Scott voiced Dexter the Robot.  He was also the voice of Bullwinkle J. Moose in the 2000 feature film release of “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle“.

Rocky, Bullwinkle, Lion & Tophat
Bullwinkle pulling a LION out of a TOP HAT with double blue star palms, Rocky face palms.

Moose remind me of Canada.  Canada houses heart of synchromysicism by the way of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Bullwinkle also pops up in my mind’s eye as a blue moose due to an infusion of the OG Bullwinkle and Happy Tree Friends’ character, “Lumpy”:

HTF's Lumpy
Lumpy gesture's down/up with his Jupiter finger depending on your perspective

Going full circle with this, there is an ad campaign for a telecommunications company here in Oz at the present that features a moose with extremely large antlers.  A Blue Bird lands on one of his antlers and upsets the balance of the moose:

Moose & Blue Bird
This Blue Bird event is the tipping point

Happy Tree Friends title pushes the happiness that can be achieved if one has a positive relationship with trees/plants.  Makes me think of Darcy J. Watt of Dirty Wett‘s recent “Cosmic Tigger” masterpiece:

Dirty Wett's Cosmic Tigger

Winnie and Tigger are most certainly happy tree friends.

An abbridged version of what’s at Wikipedia regarding the naming of Winnie the Pooh:

  • A. A. Milne named Winnie the Pooh after his son, Christopher Robin Milne’s toy bear, Winnie
  • Christopher Robin Milne’s ‘s toy bear, Winnie was named after an American Black bear at London Zoo that Christopher had seen there
  • Winnie the London Zoo bear was named after the hometown of Canadian Lieutenant Harry Colebourn, Winnipeg.

Interestingly the “Pooh” part of Winnie the Pooh’s name is derived from the name of a swan that Milne and his son met while on holiday.  The Swan has also been a recent feature in the synchrosphere.

In a few days the 2010 FIFA World Cup will kick-off.  The same telco that produced the Moose & Blue Bird  pic above made the image below of Socceroo, Lucas Neill taking on a Tigger:

cosmic soccer tigger
Lucas Neill in Oz colours, green and gold. These are the colours of Oz floral emblem, the Golden Wattle, Acacia pycnantha. According to the second book of the Old Testament, The Exodus, The Ark of the Covenant was constructed from Acacia fumosa. The ball appears to be coloured the same here, linking the Earth Cup to the Ark of the Covenant.

That ball looks a lot like it has hearts on it.  The heart can be seen as a cup.  The World Cup can be seen then as the competition for the Earth’s Cup, earth being an anagram for heart, the competition can also be seen as the Cup of The Heart.  Nike’s swoosh is resonant of Saturn’s rings.  The Tiger is resonant of Jupiter and 2010 as it’s the Chinese Year of the Tiger.  Saturn has reared his head around here and the greater Synchroverse recently.  Jupiter was referred to in Roman mythology as Saturn’s son, along with bro’s Neptune and Pluto.  What must Jupiter make of the expelling of Pluto from consensus culture’s vision of the solar system?

Family feuds.  Family being an extension of one’s DNA in multiple directions.  This ‘external’ DNA is bound with that of “Others”.  These are seen commonly as simply links as opposed to being viewed as a continuation of the same phenomenon, vibrating at a slightly different amplitude/frequency and thus assuming another consciousness.  Therefore, a family feud can be seen as fighting against yourself or a civil war.

We are in a battle with ourselves for our own hearts.  Like the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is suggesting, the battle is getting crucial and our heart/earth is now bleeding as a result.

Success within this climate is not acieved by winning the cup but by offering your heart up unconditionally to all that is.



Madvillain album cover

I have been a Doom fan for a while.  This one he wrote in cold blood with a toothpick» is one of my favourite lines in rap music ever.  I was a KMD fan back in the olden days.  Dude’s real name is Daniel Dumile.  He used to be MF Doom – MF standing for metal-fingers or metal-face – and recently he’s dropped the MF so he’s now just known as Doom.  Dumille modelled his Doom persona after the one and only Marvel Super Villain, Dr. Doom and actually refers to himself as the Super Villain.  I copped a set of the Doom Dunks when they dropped.

Doom likes to be mysterious.  He’s been playing around with the fine line between the product and the person behind the product since he put the mask on.  It was originally meant to be a statement against the materialism that had plagued rap music.  Doom did bring it back to basics, however Doom was embroiled within a paradox that he at first may not have realised that he had created.  He had crystalised the Anti-Image image rather than escaping the form he wished to be freed from – limited/shallow.

Doom teamed up with Danger Mouse and Adult Swim in 2006 to form Dangerdoom. In building this post I came across a pic of Danger Mouse dressed as the Tin Woodsman from The Wizard of OZ.

Danger Mouse dressed up as The Tin Woodsman form The Wizard of OZ. NOte the PsalmTree entrainment forming a vege-corona.
Danger Mouse dressed up as The Tin Woodsman form The Wizard of OZ. NOte the PsalmTree entrainment forming a vege-corona.

I first got introduced to Danger Mouse via his 2003 Lex Records release “Ghetto Pop Life” when he teamed up with rapper Jemini.  Danger Mouse released “The Grey Album” in 2004, a mashup of Jay-Z raps from “The Black Album” and The Beatles “White Album”

Doom’s mask has changed over the years.  The current form is a replica of the mask worn by Russel Crowe in the film Gladiator:

Maximus' mask

So this links the Black Bird to the web as Russel’s surname envokes The Crow.

Gladiator was relaeased the same year (2K) as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.  You may recall this scene in Gladiator that includes a Tiger:

Crouching Gladiator, Unhidden Tiger...
Crouching Gladiator, Unhidden Tiger...

Anyway, Doom’s recently been interviewed by and I thought I’d drop a quote here for its 214 resonance.

Here on the dark side of Jupiter, the weather is great around this time of the year. Atlanta and New York are both home as well.

Doom lived in NY/OZ.  He’s since moved to Atlanta/Atlantis.  Now he states that he’s living on the dark side of Jupiter?  I knew there was always more to this fella than met the eye/ear.

Marvel's Super Villain is a Green Tinman. Resonator of all that is BAD. His vanity motivated him greatly.

You will notice around 1:24 that the beat changes to “Phantom of the Synths” by the late J Dilla.  This beat resonates with me in a plethora of ways but links up to this blogs initial post.  In that post I try to mark out my synchro-journey UP to that particular point.  The journey was marked by rap music.  In particular, it was “The Pledge” by Jay Electronica that contained a shout to DMT/dimethyltryptamine – known to be a key ingredient of Ayahuasca.  At 2:14 DOOM says “Villain” which is pretty BADass.  Well Jay Electronica has another track that is called “Dimethyltryptamine”.  It utilises the same J Dilla beat as Doom uses in Gazillion Ear.  Check it…

JD’s beat’s name vibes with Phantom of the Opera (The Instrumentation for Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s Phantom includes 27 parts), which resonates with Jupiter in Pisces.

Doom himself has taken on the phantom persona, further echoing Jupiter.

Doom Phantom T-Shirt
Corny, but it synchs up...

Aesthetic Apparatus have a poster print called Phantom Doom that has Jeus-Bolts a-plenty:

Gears/Bolts/ScissorTongue/Blood/Drops/Bullseyes = Phantom Doom
Gears/Bolts/ScissorTongue/Blood/Drops/Bullseyes = Phantom Doom (The tear-drop has been following me around these days too)

Check this page of the AA site for Bluebirds, Diamonds, Abe lincoln and Triggerfinger action.  In addition to these themes, the same page features the Saturn Finger.



Doom has also recorded as Viktor Vaughn.  “Vaudeville Villain” is classic DOOM.  It carried a track titled “Rae Dawn” vibing a recent vid Jake Kotze did for Radio 8-Ball.


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