Pink sync wyncs II – Stefan’s pink boat

Well wishes to Jessica Watson from fellow 'pink boatie' Stefan
Pink hearts inflated

I posted about my Pink syncs and specifically Pink Ladies a couple of posts back – remembering a great link by the way of Jessica Watson and her boat Ella’s Pink Lady.  This pick-up rewarded me with the elation that sync can offer one now.

Harking all the way back to my 2nd post here, I put up the logo of famous Oz hairstylist, Stefan.

Stefan's rainbow logo
This is Stefan's rainbow logo of old. The same as posted on the 2nd post here at PRR by me. This rainbow has 6 of the 7 stripes of a conventional rainbow (No indigo). The smallest arc included in this iteration of the logo is a purple one.

You gotta check Stefan’s online store for the music – it’s awesome – I have a new soundtrack!  A very interesting detail though is Stefan’s revamped rainbow logo.

Stefan's rainbow  logo
Purple has been replaced by Pink - Splitting hairs

Stefan shares his 1st name with me.  He also shares Pink Boatedness with Jessica Watson.

Stefan's boat

Looking back on my 2nd post, I recalled that Stefan’s logo could be seen at the end of ’80’s Oz TV dating show “Perfect Match”.  Stefan’s salon did the hair for the show.  Perfect Match had an awesome robot(TINman) called Dexter.  Dexter would compute the compatability of the winning couple each episode – also at the end of the show.

Perfect Match's Dexter
Perfect Match's Dexter the Tin Man. His claws look like opposing double chevron's or VV's.

Dexter sports the heart, which is showing up often in conjunction with these pink syncs – as pink hearts did in the pic at the top of this post.  June 3 Jim tweeted “A Red Heart bleeding Light/Love looks Pink. “.  Dex also has a bit of a spectrum going on above the heart on his chest.  Dex of course resonates the other famous TV Dexter, Dexter Morgan.  Dex the Robot’s heart links in with Dex the LAWman’s bloodiness – blood being a DNA vehicle.

Keith Scott voiced Dexter the Robot.  He was also the voice of Bullwinkle J. Moose in the 2000 feature film release of “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle“.

Rocky, Bullwinkle, Lion & Tophat
Bullwinkle pulling a LION out of a TOP HAT with double blue star palms, Rocky face palms.

Moose remind me of Canada.  Canada houses heart of synchromysicism by the way of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Bullwinkle also pops up in my mind’s eye as a blue moose due to an infusion of the OG Bullwinkle and Happy Tree Friends’ character, “Lumpy”:

HTF's Lumpy
Lumpy gesture's down/up with his Jupiter finger depending on your perspective

Going full circle with this, there is an ad campaign for a telecommunications company here in Oz at the present that features a moose with extremely large antlers.  A Blue Bird lands on one of his antlers and upsets the balance of the moose:

Moose & Blue Bird
This Blue Bird event is the tipping point

Happy Tree Friends title pushes the happiness that can be achieved if one has a positive relationship with trees/plants.  Makes me think of Darcy J. Watt of Dirty Wett‘s recent “Cosmic Tigger” masterpiece:

Dirty Wett's Cosmic Tigger

Winnie and Tigger are most certainly happy tree friends.

An abbridged version of what’s at Wikipedia regarding the naming of Winnie the Pooh:

  • A. A. Milne named Winnie the Pooh after his son, Christopher Robin Milne’s toy bear, Winnie
  • Christopher Robin Milne’s ‘s toy bear, Winnie was named after an American Black bear at London Zoo that Christopher had seen there
  • Winnie the London Zoo bear was named after the hometown of Canadian Lieutenant Harry Colebourn, Winnipeg.

Interestingly the “Pooh” part of Winnie the Pooh’s name is derived from the name of a swan that Milne and his son met while on holiday.  The Swan has also been a recent feature in the synchrosphere.

In a few days the 2010 FIFA World Cup will kick-off.  The same telco that produced the Moose & Blue Bird  pic above made the image below of Socceroo, Lucas Neill taking on a Tigger:

cosmic soccer tigger
Lucas Neill in Oz colours, green and gold. These are the colours of Oz floral emblem, the Golden Wattle, Acacia pycnantha. According to the second book of the Old Testament, The Exodus, The Ark of the Covenant was constructed from Acacia fumosa. The ball appears to be coloured the same here, linking the Earth Cup to the Ark of the Covenant.

That ball looks a lot like it has hearts on it.  The heart can be seen as a cup.  The World Cup can be seen then as the competition for the Earth’s Cup, earth being an anagram for heart, the competition can also be seen as the Cup of The Heart.  Nike’s swoosh is resonant of Saturn’s rings.  The Tiger is resonant of Jupiter and 2010 as it’s the Chinese Year of the Tiger.  Saturn has reared his head around here and the greater Synchroverse recently.  Jupiter was referred to in Roman mythology as Saturn’s son, along with bro’s Neptune and Pluto.  What must Jupiter make of the expelling of Pluto from consensus culture’s vision of the solar system?

Family feuds.  Family being an extension of one’s DNA in multiple directions.  This ‘external’ DNA is bound with that of “Others”.  These are seen commonly as simply links as opposed to being viewed as a continuation of the same phenomenon, vibrating at a slightly different amplitude/frequency and thus assuming another consciousness.  Therefore, a family feud can be seen as fighting against yourself or a civil war.

We are in a battle with ourselves for our own hearts.  Like the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is suggesting, the battle is getting crucial and our heart/earth is now bleeding as a result.

Success within this climate is not acieved by winning the cup but by offering your heart up unconditionally to all that is.



Stop The Monuments v2 - James White and Jonathan Mitchell 
Sneaker Freaker Blaze of Glory
The Jaws poster on the wall slowly grows pixelated to the point that it’s made up of large hexagons with thick black borders.  The arrow like shape of the White Pointer’s profile is still visible through this stained glass window.  New colours appear.  Greens, purples and greys.  Gazing down reveals the transparency of this dimension.  Step through, surrender…


Every other week it’s shark week.

I get the monster mouth, but these guys are real brutes.  They are the T-ReX of the water that’s still on top of the food chain.  Tales of close encounters with these destroyers sound surreal. As a kid, I can recall sharks being a legitimate fear at several OZ beaches during the summer.

Having seen Jaws and the sequel at 5 years of age gave me a reference point for that potential terror.  People do get chomped by these and other types of shark around the coast of OZ. It’s the second most likely place to get munched by a shark.  This toothy C dweller’s been checking me and I have to take a closer look at what it’s POINTING to…  Some Australian Aborigines refer to pleiades as the shark constellation…

Apparently I used to hallucinate as a child.  I’ve been told that I reported seeing spiders crawling over walls and floors that weren’t perceived by anyone else.  Like Tweak’s underpants gnomes.  One memory I have of this happening was when I was about 3 years old.  We were having a family picnic at a park near water.  I strolled away from the gathering and was checking out a nearby boat ramp that was made of bluestone.  I walked onto the ramp and slipped on the wet stone.  I was in the cold water and started to grab for some grip.  In my attempt to get a handle on the situation I looked up to where I wanted to be and saw a sign.  It looked exacly like this one:

 Though now I am pretty sure that the sign I was actually looking at was one of these:


I clawed my way back up the ramp and lived to blog about it.  Around that same time I would have been checking the one and only Jabberjaw on Saturday morning TV.


Jabberjaw.  Original ABC broadcast:

Telecast: ABC Saturday Morning September 11, 1976 – September 3, 1977
Retelecast: ABC Sunday Morning September 11, 1977 – September 3, 1978


So we have JJ connected to 9-11.  JJ was the drummer for the Neptunes.  Clamhead, the Neptunes bass player used to say “Abba, abba, abba!”

J-Abba.  J=1, Abba=Father.

There’s a small group of sharks that don’t have the ability to pump water over their gills while they rest.  These sharks have to flow to live.  In order for these fish to function they must remain moving.  This being said, we don’t actually know where, when or how some sharks mate.  However we do know that the port Jackson shark produces spiral shaped eggs that vibrate at an ayahuasca-like frequency.

Port Jackson Shark Egg

I like sneakers.  I am more of an observer than an avid collector.  I appreciate sneakers like I do art, and the foot as a GC pointer.

The shark themed Sneaker Freaker Blaze of Glory
The shark-themed Sneaker Freaker x Puma Blaze of Glory
Red & Blue sharks teeth to boot!
Red & Blue sharks teeth to boot!

 I have already touched on these kicks in a previous Wync post.  The red and blue teeth are an awesome addition to the syncs these shoes are holding.  Check here for the Sneaker Freaker article on their effort

Ophiuchus' foot chimes in with Scorp's stinger and Sag's arrow.
Ophiuchus' foot chimes in with Scorp's stinger and Sag's arrow.

Ever check a shark taking a chomp?  Notice that their eyes are covered during this motion?  It’s a nictitating membrane, otherwise known as a 3rd-eyelid. 

Bald 3agle with
Bald 3agle with nictitating membrane.

It didn’t come to me straight away.  But I caught on eventually.  This fish assists in pointing towards more subtle energies.  And it does this alchemically.  Mix a shark with a Ra beam and behold SharkRa:


 Bull sharks are members of a group of sharks known as Requiem sharks.  From an etymological perspective, ‘requin’ is French for shark.  Requiem is also latin for rest.  Various churches practice requiem masses.  They are usually associated with funerals.  A requiem mass used to be called a “black mass” until purple replaced the masses original black theme.

Great White Shark Fin
Shark Fin/The end of self via the monstermouth of the shark.
Thanks to The Shark Nook for the Shark-Ra pic.  Iced this cake nicely it did!



The local Herald Sun media outlet (Used to be The Herald and The Sun newspapers, now they are one) reports that the recent quake in NZ has moved the boot 30cm closer to OZ.

The article opens with these two numerological sentences:

A MASSIVE 7.8 magnitude earthquake last week has moved the south of New Zealand closer to Australia, scientists said today.

With the countries separated by the 2250-km-wide Tasman Sea, the 30cm closing of the gap in New Zealand’s southwest won’t make much difference.

And the way I see it, is we have a 369 on our hands here.

The 30cm = 3.



New Zeland’s capital city is Wellington, aka gumboot.

The link to Steve Willner’s short post on the release date of Watchmen will reveal the post’s simple quote from Nicola Tesla

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

WM/MM/2K/KK/11:11 + 8 + 77. CC/Si Si/Yes, YES!

I informed an online community – one that I have been a member of for about 5 years – about this place.  I did this in response to queries by other members in relation to my absence from the board.

The reaction has been interesting to say the least.  Some people enjoyed it, some didn’t and some were left a bit confused.  So I decided to give them a brief overview what I am doing in an effort to get those interested as up to speed as I could within the limitations of posting on a forum.

In the process I have thrown together a breakdown of a print on a t-shirt that my partner bought from a recent El-P gig that we went to. My idea was to look at a subject that the forum members would be familiar with.

I chose the T as the forum is intended for fans of independent record label Definitive Jux. El-P is the founder of Def Jux. The T print is a design by the one and only Travis Millard and it’s a Wethermen T. Weathermen are an indie rap crew that consists of Cage, El-P, Aesop Rock, Camu Tao (RIP), Yak Ballz, Tame One and Breezly Brewin. All stars to me. So check out my post:

OK.  To assist futher I’ll give you a personal synch story with Jux flavour.  Check these new Travis Millard WM tshirts with the umbrella:

That is some dope right there.  My girl looks awesome in the femmes cut – copped from el’s show in Melbourne, Oz about a week ago.  So what’s my synchro-take on that symbology?

We have the WM symbol.  A cloaked MM.  Roman numerals for 2000.  2000=2K/KK.  K is the 11th letter of the alphabet, so WM is also resonating 11:11 to me.

We have a black octagon/umbrella though only 4 sides are seen, the octagon is implied.  Octagons are cloaked 8 pointed stars.  I see the two as interchangeable, 8-pointed-star=Octagon.  The 8-pointed-star can be seen as symbolic of galactic centre.

I dropped a post on YGG/777 on my blog.  7 has been effing with me lately.  Now I see 7’s in the t-shirt.  7 legs, all inverted 7’s.  Seven Sevens.  I see it as a cloaked 77.  Crowley not only wrote 777, but 77 was one of his faves too and it’s a number that resonates OZ and the goat god Pan.

2012 subscribers see 11:11 12/21/2012 as the time to count down to.  Theories relating to the galactic alignment that is apparently taking place on that date at that time suggest that the message this tshirt is sending out is one of galactic alignment.  With the black-star at the centre of the galaxy.  The black star in the pic is dripping water further pointing towards aquarian ascention at 1111, when we get to check out OZ for ourselves!

I am not asking for you to believe in what I believe in.  I am merely trying to convey the findings of an analysis of an object familiar to you  when it is viewed synchromystically.  I don’t think I succeeded in doing this in my long rant post.  And as crack-pot as it may seem, the underlying message is one of evolution and alignment with our true home.

OK. So I set myself up for a bit of ‘feedback’, it’s a rap music forum.  Now the forum is no stranger to me and my theories. Like I said, I have been around the traps for 5 years. My peers (I am not sure if they consider me one of theirs right now!) threw shots that aluded to me having a mental illness or having a drug problem.
I did not set out to be vindicated after being roasted though I feel that I was thown an opportunity to assist readers in understanding further so I ran with it.
A member posted the following Saturday March 07, 2009 2:29 pm my time:

What does this logo say to you, Stef?

I honestly didn’t know what it was. The domain made it obvious to me as to who owns the site. So I looked into it and dropped this in response at Saturday March 07, 2009 7:05 pm:

As I have mentioned, take the symbol in the context in which it is being used. A symbol alone can represent many things. The context assists in isolating what the symbol is resonating in its observed incarnation. Check out ancient symbology and you will find this baby everywhere, but I see it as a cloaked Egyptian astronomical cross.

The quadrants appear to tell a cycle of ages story – NOthing followed by the starry heavens, they bring about plant/organic consciousness and finally a mechanical age ending the cycle. It has a four seasons feel to it, which can bee seen like this:


It also tells the story of the precession of the equinoxes:


As a whole I see it as a mandala that’s being used to facilitate reincarnation due to it’s association with The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It was a symbol of reincarnation for the Egyptians. Obama’s used Egyptian motifs before. Check this one:


Resonating this one:


And that is what that logo says to me.

I hope this makes things a little clearer.

Replies to that post at the writing of this line = 0!  I have since expanded further on my take on the Travis Millard WM T print design. I’ll put it down here and spare the forum for now!

The Weathermen crew began with 10 members. They came out with a killer mixtape in 2003 that had them rapping over beats that were popular in the mainstream as a statement to who could really kill a track vocally. Long story short, they recently shrank to 7 members and last year sadly lost Camu to lung cancer.

Camu Tao is  a bright star.  I’m not discounting any other heavenly bodies.  They all play their part in the dance.  Simply looking up at night will reveal that some appear brighter than others do.  As some are residing closer to us than others are, they appear brighter.  I feel a closeness to Camu Tao in the sense of me being affected by his music.  I was once at a record release at Virgin Megastore at Union Square in NY and as I was lining up to get my CD signed, Camu entered the building.  For a split-second we made eye contact.  I didn’t notice him in the place after that.  Musically, Camu resonates at a frequency that has a stronger potential to influence my frequencies to synch with it than others musical frequencies that are sharing the same spaces. His recent move from here was just that.  There’s still 7 Weathermen stars.

Mu Tao
RIP Mu Tao. Here we see Camu's tat on his right bicep. It closely resembles the symbol used by Obama posted above. Bonus WE3 at the crown.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


These stars for me are resonant of Pleiades. Otherwise known as the 7 sisters. Pleiades is named that however it is a galactic cluster that consists of 1,000 static members. Back in the days, there were 7 bright stars in the cluster visible with the naked eye. These days you can only see 6. This mirrors the current WM situation.

GD50, Ra.
GD50, Ra.

Theories abound about the current location of the 7th star. Some say that it’s Eridanus resident GD50, an ultramassive white dwarf. Hence the feeling that there are still 7 remainig WM. The 7th one’s there, just not where the other 6 are. Camu is a star and always will be. If GD50 was where it once sat it would have been the brightest of the 7.  Or is the relocated one Sirius B?

There’s another 2 T’s in this limited set of WM T’s. Jeremy Fish designed one and Alex Pardee did another. Below is the Jeremy Fish effort.

Mr. Fish has hit a synch home run here. The Travis Millard T resonated Galactic alignment – checking the WM/MM/2K logo on the black octagon. Aquarian ascension via H20 bucketing down from the octogram. Fish visualised a representation of this actually occurring.

We have an etherial puff with the WM/MM/2K logo floating within it. Has it just exited a gramophone or is it getting sucked into a wormhole only to meet the cloaked circle-dot stargate that is the record on the turntable? The clock has both hands gesturing towards 12. 12+12=24, a mirrored 42. 12 mirrored is 21, and of course 21+21=42. Transition to Jupiter at 12 via a 10 sided wormhole. The obvious part is that there’s going to be another big bang.

The eye of Horus gazes at you again reminding you of your relationship with the Dog Star/K9/Canis major. It’s actually a depiction of the wrinkles in someones brow, their nose and their mouth (With a bloody fang wink) making up a triangular shape. The remainder of the person’s figure is veiled and appears as a grey figure with a spattered aura. They have crossed the threshold though they are only part of the way through. Regardless of the intent of Alex Pardee to draw those three facial parts/characteristics (Brow/crown, nose and mouth/tooth/fang) I see the all seeing ocular. The nostrils are the sclera, or “white” of the eye. The curved nasal septum makes up the iris and cornea.
The curled lip of the mouth makes up the same shape as the eye of horus’ curled I-lash.  I actually saw the design as a representation of the eye of horus before looking at it closely and understanding the picture as it was drawn.  The curled lash reminds me of an Alex Grey painting I saw via Hidden Dakini.  HD posted a youtube playlist at 7:34 of part 4 of the playlist you can see Alex Grey’s depiction of the eyelash of an angel.

The hand signs and the all seeing eye of providence pitched together resonante with Jay-Z’s oft thrown pyramid.


OK.  Now this path is starting to meet up with others that have been uncovered recently.  Alex Pardee has done a good deal of work for Def Jux/Weathermen’s Cage.  Cage is buddies with the synchrosphere’s own cube-boy, Shia LaBeouf.

Pardee has prepared a cake for Shia.  The pink cake has Shia’s name written in icing at the centre of a heart/cloaked pentagram.

A Few Shots To Shaman highlighted the starg8 hoodie Shia rocked in Transformers.

So it’s a G Star hoodie.   With G being 7, the hoodie in and of itself points to seven (sis)stars.

Shia’s not a mere acquaintance to the Jukies.  Along with the Weathermen, Shia is a member of Cardboard City.  CC have literally hijacked the soft KK logo of Coco.

Chanel logo grid from of course!
Chanel logo grid from of course!
Shia throwing up the CC while at SNL...
Shia throwing up the CC while closing up at SNL...

Shia’s – the cube holder in Transformers.  I wrote this section of this post during April 7th 2009.  Otherwise known as 2 Transformer.  I went over this, making the link with Shia as the current focus and instantly anagrams shine through – starNformers/Nformerstars.  The cube being hexagon in disguise.  Saturn being the heavenly body that has been viewed displaying hexagonal qualities.  This takes us back to the WM logo.

WM/Weathermen/We Earth Men

The hexagon is there via the two triangles interseting/male and female united.  Saturns rings are there too.  Looking back at Shia’s hoodie in starNformers we can then see a synch with this.  As pointed out in AFSTS’s hoodie spot:

The “as above, so below” of the opposing points could be flipped 90 degrees to make 2 C’s.

Again, links have already been drawn between Megatron and Metatron.  Metatron being the owner of his own cube.

Metatrons cube
Metatron's cube by Charles Gilchrist

Shia is vibing RDJ as he plays young Dito in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, webbing nicely with Jake Kotze’s recent soul/palm revelationsditto.

These subjects have been covered prior.  Steve Willner’s video has some Shia synchs and links up JPL which I also covered in my 777 drop.

Back to El. Way back in fact. 8 years ago he ripped this one with Vast Aire. Vast’s verse has an amazing set of synchs in it (For those not familiar, Vast’s verse is the 2nd, El’s is the 1st):

  • NASA rocks
  • Mechanical beats/beast
  • floW/Wolf
  • Can’t stop the faucet
  • Evolving pokemon
  • Go through your tv
  • the gods playing a game of 9-ball with the earth in the corner pocket

Wow.  The chorus is where it’s really at though. Hold on, hold up, hold up, hold on. Hold this…black hole.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

There’s a milky black pearl at the centre of this galactic wheel.  Our home is within the brackets of alignment with her.  I reached out to Jim Sanders in response to a post he published that began with a report on scientific understandings of a giant black hole residing at the centre of our galaxy.  I added superlight to the conversation.  Jim responded by stating that this creative force existing at the heart of our galaxy mirrors that at the centre of our own being.

As with the Jeremy Fish WM cloud pictured earlier, are we all actively projecting our realities outward, or are we passively taking reality in?  Maybe there’s a bit of both occurring simultaneously.  What we consider reality is quite intense.  Taking the passive portion of the process, we’re soaking up photons travelling at 299,792,458 metres per second, or light-speed.  That seems fast until you start measuring interstellar distances.  Light years really do seem short.  The active component has each of us pouring out reality at the speed of light squared, or 89,875,517,873,681,764 metres per second.  If this is the case, there’s no wonder that an increasing body of people are again viewing the universe as an ever expanding expression of consciousness.

Metatron is allowing his chakras/superlight to shine forth into our visible spectrum, palms forming a cross.
Metatron is allowing his chakra’s/superlight to shine forth into our visible spectrum, palms forming a cross.

Thanks for checking in.  Peace.

DNA Signs floW Like We

DNA Signs double helix

While I was in Queensland recently, I visited a beautiful place called Natural Bridge which is a part of World Heritage listed Springbrook National Park and Numinbah Forest Reserve. We drove there by car and during the journey I noticed a ute that was passing our car that had a sign on the back featuring a double helix design and a logo that read “DNA Signs”.

A quick search of DNA Signs website revealed the ute.
Searching DNA Signs website revealed the ute.

DNA has recently taken on new meaning to me and I now am noticing the double helix more frequently than prior. It pops up as it does above, a close graphic representation of the double helix – a man-made object, or it appears within the environmnet, whether it be flora or fauna.

Twist Drill bits not only carry a double helix but they are a medium by which one may transverse through material.
Twist Drill bits not only carry a double helix but they are a medium by which one may transverse through material.

I was vaguely aware of what I was in store for when we reached our destination as I have walked a few trails around Australia before. The ute wink excited me as I was sure I would come across more signs of DNA once we reached Natural Bridge. Of course DNA is all over the place so finding signs of DNA is not something you can only do in a rainforest. I was interested in particular as to how the double helix symbol would show itself to me. My mind was drawn to ayahuasca and its resemblance of a double helix.



Here are some shots of what’s living in natural bridge:

Natural Bridge-05

Natural Bridge-04

Natural Bridge-03

Queensland was great and chock-a-block full of syncs including rainbows.  Since getting back home I have dived back into the sychrosphere and have found my fair share of blogs that are carrying the helix. The links appear to be popping up with an increased frequency. Black Dog Star is a blog I have recently gotten into. The author, Richard Arrowsmith has revealed some amazing insights drawn from synchs he’s experienced. His blog pages are flanked with the double helix emanating from a black sun into a wolf (Pictured left).

A Few Shots to Shaman has covered DNA from a synchromystic perspective: It’s in our DNAJim Sanders has also been posting recently on DNA.»

It was Jim that got me interested in the Jupiter/jumpiter/tin/42 synchs with the help of his interviews with Maestro Juan Flores. Maestro Juan Flores’ description of jovial Jupiter had a profound affect on me. When Jim initially posted about Jupiter, it was juniper that stuck out for me. I looked into the tree and discovered that it is a plant that has traditionally been utilised for medicinal purposes wherever it has grown. This description mirrors that of ayahuasca. Juniper is a conifer, or a cone producing plant, winking again at your pineal.

The wolf/flow has also been a strong component of the current.  I am in the process of editing a post on a video by the group “TV on the Radio” and it’s only been after I’ve been reading these wolf/DNA posts that I’ve remembered my favourite track from TVOTR’s 2006 record, Return to Cookie Mountain – “Wolf Like Me”. One of the lines from the track goes as follows:

When the moon is round and full gotta bust that box gotta gut that fish

 Reminds me of that multidimensional line from “Shake, Rattle and Roll”:

I’m like a one-eyed cat peeping in a seafood store

 Is this the narrative of the shapeshifter/werewolf realising its potential to break through the cuboid via disemboweling pisces when the moon is at its fullest?

As I have mentioned in my initial post here, the title of the blog is derived from the rainbow serpent, known for its prevalence throughout the Australian aborigine’s dreamtime. Jeremy Narby» hypothesizes that there is a hidden intelligence within the DNA of all living things. Narby states that the “cosmic serpent” is prevalent in shamanism throughout the world and that the snake is representative of DNA.  

DNA/Rainbow serpent
DNA/Rainbow serpent

As I go to search for a rainbow serpent pic, I come across this representation of the rainbow serpent (Click on it to enlarge):

Earths Chakras - The Rainbow Serpent floWs
Earths Chakras - The Rainbow Serpent floWs

The red wolf, up on hinds gestures to the purple/violet sphere/orb/chakra which is the crown. The Earth’s crown chakra corresponds with Mount Kailash in Tibet. Red and purple are the bookends of the visible spectrum, red being the lowest visible frequency and purple the highest.  The Planetary Heart Chakra Activation event starts at 11pm, Friday August 5, 2005. 5/8/2005. Take away the 0’s and you get 5, 8, 2 and 5.

5+8=(13, 1+3=)4



So the flyer throws up a cloaked 11:11/KK with twin-yang dolphins chasing tails around a circledot.  The presence of 3 double helixes hammers home another solid wink.

Gemini and caduceus, rod of Hermes.
Gemini/|| and caduceus, rod of Hermes.

While putting this post together I was discussing the interchangability of 11 and gemini with a friend and uncovered this gem at a site called Gnosis.

Gemini and caduceus, rod of Hermes.The rod of Hermes sports DNA resonating snakes. Even larger dragons sit atop cloud-pillars with their tails wrapped around solar-totems in the same corkscrew/drillbit fashion. The blue-moon-dragon is vibing Toodee while our fool/Brobee loiters around a lion. The unihornucopia winks at DNA with its helicoid horn. The narwhal (Unicorn Whale) has a helicoid horn.   Technically it’s a tooth/tusk that has recently been discovered to be its antenae.  The linked article states:

The tooth’s unique spiral, the degree of its asymmetry to the left side, and its odd distribution among most males and some females are all unique expressions of teeth in mammals.

PSA, G8oZ, brush!


Cool Calm Pete ft Jungle Mike – Brush P.S.A.

The Stygian Port’s ViølatoR and a commenter with the handle “JustMe” point out possible definitions of Sugaar in the comment section of a tooth-rotting Jake Kotze post. Wikipedia describes as follows:

In Basque mythology, Sugaar (other names: Sugar,Sugoi, Maju) is the male half of a pre-Christian Basque deity associated with storms and thunder. He is normally imagined as dragon or serpent.

The etymology of Sugaar is described as follows in Wikipedia:

The name Sugaar or Sugar seems to derive of the addition of the words suge (serpent) and ar (male), meaning therefore male serpent.

Sugoi, another name of the same deity, has the same dual interpretation: either suge + o[h]i (former, old serpent) or su + goi (high fire).

The article states that there is no clear link for Maju though goes on to mention maypoles as a possible link:

The reference to a masculine phallic power could be implied in it,if it has reference to the traditional ‘Maypole’ of fertility celebrations,called in Spanish the “Mayu”(Maypole).


So sugar relates to the serpent etymologically.  The serpent and DNA are symbolically interchangeable.  And to tie a knot in this one, DNA is directly related to sugar as one of the building blocks of DNA is sugar (Deoxyribose).

In the midst of the trail through Natural Bridge, there were various signs (That appeared to be made of tin or aircraft aluminium) informing readers of the plants and animals thatlive in and around the area.
Eopsaltria australis
Eopsaltria australis
One bird of note was the Eopsaltria australis or Eastern yellow Robin.»

Robin Tunney is an anagram for “Ebony in turn”, “Inner Bounty” and “Run by tin one”.

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Let’s begin then…

A few months ago I stumbled upon Steve Willner’s films on youtube after being catapaulted back into researching UFO stuff after listening to Jay Electronica’s track “The Pledge”.

Not unlike AFS2S’s experience with Willner’s Montauk video, I was looking back into the whole Montauk thing and that same vid propelled me into Steve and Jake Kotze’s gear and subsequently into the myst of syncs. I had dv8ed from the path I was travelling which included readings of Eckhart Tolle & Gary Zukav’s work (Sprinkled with memories of Deepak Chopra and teachings from my Mum). I am finding myself back (t)here now/1.

So this Jay Electronica gets me to Steve who enlightens me to DMT. A close listen to Jay’s lyrics in the track above will reveal his line “dimethyltryptamine make a man dream”.

OK so I’m new to blogging and whatever it is that I think I am doing.

Jim at CentrePortal got me motivated to add to the sync blog mix with his linking of OZ to Australia as that is where I am from. So, 7-day to you all!

Uluru has always stood out to me – I’ve never visited it though. My brother got into Nostradamus readings/writings back in the ’90’s and he mentioned Australia being a safe place when the bombs started falling in WWIII. My mind would be awash with images of fleeing the metro areas to the centre of the continent MadMax stylee.

Mel Gison as Max in the original Mad Max from 1979.  Woof
Mel Gibson as Max in the original Mad Max flick from '79. WOOF!

When I think of the Ozzie outback Uluru will eventually pop-up. Uluru is one of earth’s chakras.

You may be familiar with how Uluru’s usually photographed:

From the top it looks like an arrow-head.

Where/what/who is it pointing to and why? You tell me! Sag points to GC though, right?

So I have been holding back from dropping posts.  I guess I have been waiting for a real gem.  After dragging this post off my site I still didn’t have what I thought was worth sharing yet, however I had decided to just jump in.

It’s funny how these things happen and it further confirms to me an interconnectedness that I have previously percieved though I haven’t played with it.  And when I say play, I mean muck around like you would with your friends.

While gleaning a link for the Sag bit I wrote above, SAGITTARIUS was staring me down (2 eyes open) from the web page.  Then Sag winked (1 eye open). I then saw that an anagram for SAGITTARIUS is:


And the synchs keep rolling.  I wanted to put up a link that assisted in connecting the two concepts – galactic centre and stargates – and I put “opening up the stargate of human consciousness” into google.  OK, I am laughing at the line now too.  My top result was as follows:

The Blob: Opening The Stargate Via Nicholas Cage

The first paragraph of Jake’s post sums up the alchemical plotline of 1991’s Hudson Hawk. The paragraph states “crystal and light broken into the spectrum (rainbow below)”. Considering the title of this blog contains the noun, prism, I feel that this initial post has now come full circle.  Thanks for taking the time to read it.

I actually named this blog after the rainbow serpent.  I sprinkled the robot flavouring on so that one may taste tin as the name rolls off your tongue.  My goal is to collate synchromystic info here whether it be personal stories or observed phenomena.  I would like to keep a local spin on things too though I’m not going to constrain the content that gets thrown down.

Peace to the dogs and the hearts.