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I posted about my Pink syncs and specifically Pink Ladies a couple of posts back – remembering a great link by the way of Jessica Watson and her boat Ella’s Pink Lady.  This pick-up rewarded me with the elation that sync can offer one now. Harking all the way back to my 2nd post here,… Read Article →

The Jaws poster on the wall slowly grows pixelated to the point that it’s made up of large hexagons with thick black borders. The arrow like shape of the White Pointer’s profile is still visible through this stained glass window. New colours appear. Greens, purples and greys. Gazing down reveals the transparency of this dimension. Step through, surrender…

Every week is shark week.

I get the monster mouth, but these guys are real brutes. They are the T-ReX of the water that’s still on top of the food chain. Tales of close encounters with these destroyers sound surreal. As a kid, I can recall sharks being a legitimate fear at several OZ beaches during the summer.

Having seen Jaws and the sequel at 5 years of age gave me a reference point for that potential terror. People do get chomped by these and other types of shark around the coast of OZ. It’s the second most likely place to get munched by a shark. This toothy C dweller’s been checking me and I have to take a closer look at what it’s POINTING to… Some Australian Aborigines refer to pleiades as the shark constellation…

Apparently I used to hallucinate as a child. I’ve been told that I reported seeing spiders crawling over walls and floors that weren’t perceived by anyone else. Like Tweak’s underpants gnomes. One memory I have of this happening was when I was about 3 years old. We were having a family picnic at a park near water. I strolled away from the gathering and was checking out a nearby boat ramp that was made of bluestone. I walked onto the ramp and slipped on the wet stone. I was in the cold water and started to grab for some grip. In my attempt to get a handle on the situation I looked up to where I wanted to be and saw a sign. It looked exacly like this one:

Though now I am pretty sure that the sign I was actually looking at was one of these:

I clawed my way back up the ramp and lived to blog about it. Around that same time I would have been checking the one and only Jabberjaw on Saturday morning TV.

Jabberjaw. Original ABC broadcast:

Telecast: ABC Saturday Morning September 11, 1976 – September 3, 1977
Retelecast: ABC Sunday Morning September 11, 1977 – September 3, 1978

So we have JJ connected to 9-11. JJ was the drummer for the Neptunes. Clamhead, the Neptunes bass player used to say “Abba, abba, abba!”

J-Abba. J=1, Abba=Father.

There’s a small group of sharks that don’t have the ability to pump water over their gills while they rest. These sharks have to flow to live. In order for these fish to function they must remain moving. This being said, we don’t actually know where, when or how some sharks mate. However we do know that the port Jackson shark produces spiral shaped eggs.

I like sneakers. I am more of an observer than an avid collector. I appreciate sneakers like I do art, and the foot as a GC pointer.

The shark-themed Sneaker Freaker x Puma Blaze of Glory
Red & Blue sharks teeth to boot! I have already touched on these kicks in a previous Wync post. The red and blue teeth are an awesome addition to the syncs these shoes are holding. Check here for the Sneaker Freaker article on their effort

Ophiuchus’ foot chimes in with Scorp’s stinger and Sag’s arrow.Ever check a shark taking a chomp? Notice that their eyes are covered during this motion? It’s a nictitating membrane, otherwise known as a 3rd-eyelid.

Bald 3agle with nictitating membrane.It didn’t come to me straight away. But I caught on eventually. This fish assists in pointing towards more subtle energies. And it does this alchemically. Mix a shark with a Ra beam and behold SharkRa:

Bull sharks are members of a group of sharks known as Requiem sharks. From an etymological perspective, ‘requin’ is French for shark. Requiem is also latin for rest. Various churches practice requiem masses. They are usually associated with funerals. A requiem mass used to be called a “black mass” until purple replaced the masses original black theme.

Shark Fin/The end of self via the monstermouth of the shark.PeaCe!

Thanks to The Shark Nook for the Shark-Ra pic. Iced this cake nicely it did!

The local Herald Sun media outlet (Used to be The Herald and The Sun newspapers, now they are one) reports that the recent quake in NZ has moved the boot 30cm closer to OZ.

While I was in Queensland recently, I visited a beautiful place called Natural Bridge which is a part of World Heritage listed Springbrook National Park and Numinbah Forest Reserve. We drove there by car and during the journey I noticed a ute that was passing our car that had a sign on the back featuring… Read Article →

A few months ago I stumbled upon Steve Willner’s films on youtube after being catapaulted back into researching UFO stuff after listening to Jay Electronica’s track “The Pledge”. Not unlike AFS2S’s experience with Willner’s Montauk video, I was looking back into the whole Montauk thing and that same vid propelled me into Steve and Jake… Read Article →

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