In remembrance of Sean Price who left unexpectedly this 8/8/2015.  If you add up 2,1 and 5 you get 8.  8/8/2015 is 888.  Also if you work out 8³ or 8x8x8 you get 512.

8 corresponds with the letter H as that’s the 8th letter in the alphabet.  I sometimes see two 8’s together and think of two H’s and vice versa.  HH could be seen as Holy of Holies, Her or His Holiness.  Having the P involved here brings 7 through after we boil down the 1 and the 6 of 16.

Sean P
The 16th letter of the alphabet.

Of course 8×3=24 which is a reverse 42 which is related to the Jupiter glyph,♃.  I’ve embedded the Sean Price track “Figure Four” here in keeping with the current wrestling theme –  a figure four is a wrestling leg lock.

The last solo track Sean released was late April 2015 titled S.E.A.N..  Sean’s first line in that track is “Somebody call the morgue” referencing Buckshot’s 1st verse from “Niguz Talk Shit“.  Sean included a line in S.E.A.N. about his penis in Quincy Jones.  He continues the verse to make reference to secret societies.

Sean featured on a track called “Dead Price” released 08/08/2014 produced by Zeds Dead.

Tupac said Quincy Jones asked Tupac to fuck him and that he refused.  A theory grew out of that into one that included Jones organizing Tupacs death.  Quincy Jones has since denied that in a condensed and edited interview where Jones is asked whether he is aware of “that conspiracy that says you ordered a hit on Tupac?”  There is a video of Tupac talking about all of this but it has disappeared from the internet like another Berenstein rift Berenstain rift.

Professor Griff recently brought up Tupac and Quincy again in the video below and he mentions the video of Tupac talking about it too.  I’m sure it’s out there somewhere but I couldn’t find to link after a few looks.

Griff is on some Illuminatus grade theoretics there.  I’ve checked a fair bit of Griff’s talks and his subject matter reminds me of Bill Cooper.  And by that I mean he sounds like he just got up after falling out of his seat while reading “Behold a Pale Horse”.  Funny sync was finding out about a rapper calling himself William Cooper who got Sean to rap on one of his tracks “Holy Mountain” that was released around the time S.E.A.N. was released.

If you feel so inclined, you can show support to Sean Price’s family.


In Melbourne Australia another Sean Price is in the headlines.  This Sean Price has confessed to a murder that was reported in the media in March this year.

It turns out that this Sean Price’s rap sheet includes punching current Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott back in 2006 when Price was a patient at the secure psychiatric Thomas Embling Hospital and Abbott was health minister.

Wync00037 – Worth it

Orphic Egg – Jacob Bryant

The previous post here sneakily featured a link to Kevin Halcott’s simple yet compelling video that he tweeted about while I was writing the previous post.  All of this is embedded below.  You may be able to see Randy Savage within the embedded frame of the video.

The whole MEGA POWERS meme was ringing in my inner ear as I was writing about the UN organisations that want to appear as if they are the globular mega peace/power.  I’m pretty sure Kevin described the sync phenomena highlighted within the video during episode 127 of Always Record.  All of this within a few days of Roddy Piper‘s death. Then 2 days ago, rap mega powers Danny Brown and Clams Casino release a track through Adult Swim on which Danny name checks Randy Savage.

In an era where auto-tune is still used to sweeten up vocals, DB has effects layered over, underneath and within his that inverts that crucifix/gimmick.  This does nothing to impede Brown’s delivery but rather feels as if it’s propelling him faster and further ahead.  Vibing with the current current, the second verse opens up syncing with flat earthiness and conspiracy in general.

Machete in a haystack
Around these needles
Putting poison in your veins
What they be speakin’
Putting poison in your brain
Swear to god it got me trippin’
Thinkin’ on a different plane

Thanks to the bruh-bruh’s, Kevvy, Danny, Clammy, Roddy and Randy.  Thanks to Adult Swim too.  They have the egg theme going for their singles programme this year.  When I see an egg I may refer to it as a “cosmic egg” depending on its context.  All of the Adult Swim 2015 single eggs have a cosmic aesthetic.  Others refer to the same symbology as the “World egg”.

UPDATE:  Danny Brown, Despot and El-P were all sneakily linked to 2 posts back here within  “They lied when they said there was no air in space” post.  A video for Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire ft. Despot, Das Racist, Danny Brown, EL-P “The Last Huzzah (Remix)” was lurking there…  Das Racist are in there too taking it back to the “All Fake Everything” post here…

Always Record Episode 127

I recenly caught episode 127 of Always Record  and was delighted to hear guest Steve Willner discuss some of the subjects I posted on in the previous post here.

This episode was aired 4 days before I too posted on NASA, Steve Willner, flat-earth, conspiracy, terrorism and a sprinkle of The Secret Sun.  I have already included a link to the page which contains the players and downloads of the episodes 2 parts but just in case you missed it here it is again:

Always Record: Episode 127 – Steve Willner

At 01:07:44 of part 2 Willner mentions the Thundercats animated series.  I posted on Thundercat on July 17th and followed it up with a post on Thundercat’s latest video the same day that this episode was published.  “Hard Times” off TC’s “The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam” record references Mumm-Ra from the animated series as does Mr Willner.

Not far after this, Alan Abbadessa-Green mentions a painted heart on Puto too!  Alan also touches on the paradoxical nature of expressing what you perceive to be wrong.  Green uses the example of dropping bombs on people as something that he’d cosign as a wrongdoing.  Clearly I was channelling this show when I was writing my previous post.  Close to the beginning of part one Willner does discuss briefly the Antarctic element of some flavours of flat-earth theory.  What was not mentioned – which I think is relevant to this part of the flat-earth discussion – was the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS).

Who managed to get the coldly warring USSR and USA to cosign the treaty?  I mention this because the front page of the ATS site states:

The main purpose of the Antarctic Treaty, which was signed in Washington on December 1, 1959, is to ensure “in the interest of all mankind that Antarctica shall continue for ever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord.”

It seems to me that the two warring states were contradicting their apparently warring selves by signing a peace treaty.  Article I of the treaty covers this peaceful gesture with equal ammounts of contradiction by prohibiting measures of a military nature in Antarctica while simultaneously allowing military personnel or equipment there for scientific research.

Article II of the treaty covers what it calls freedom of scientific investigation in Antarctica.  In order to conduct research in Antarctica, you need to go through The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).  The SCAR website favicon is the Joomla favicon.  This vibes with the b-grade quality of perceived false flag operations – another subject discussed in ep 127 of AR.

The real Flag of the ATS

SCAR is one of the seventeen inter-disciplinary committees that comprise the International Council for Science (ICSU).  The ICSU was created in 1931 and it claims to have “directly stimulated at least one major geopolitical advance, the Antarctic Treaty System”  during 1957-58, which the ICSU called the International Geophysical Year (IGY).

Other achievements of the UN sponsored ICSU IGY were:

  • the discovery of the Van Allen Radiation Belts encircling the Earth
  • the first estimates of the size of Antarctica’s ice mass
  • confirmation of the theory of continental drift

I gleaned some of the above info from a pdf hosted at ICSU’s website here.  It’s a really good read.  Published in 2006, “ICSU and Polar Research” an 8 page banger containing info on ICSU’s “contributions to the development of polar research” after 75 years of catalysing international research in that field.  What is offered up is the IGY in 1957-58 and the International Polar Year (IPY) in 2007-2008 which hadn’t even occurred at the time of publishing.

The ICSU claim to be:

a non-governmental organisation with a global membership of national scientific bodies on a mission to strengthen international science for the benefit of society.

They also decided that an all-seeing-eye logo was the one for them:

I C’s U 2

However when looking at the list of membership, the interdisciplinary bodies comprising the ICSU, none are national.

  1. Disaster Risk (IRDR) – Comprised of International Social Sciences Council and UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.
  2. Antarctic Research (SCAR) – ATS
  3. Climate Research (WCRP) – Comprised of UNESCO‘s IOC (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission) teamed with the World Meteorological Organization
  4. Future Earth – Created by ICSU, sponsored by the Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability comprising the International Council for Science (ICSU), the International Social Science Council (ISSC), the Belmont Forum of funding agencies, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations University (UNU), and the World Meteorological Organization as an observer.
  5. Geosphere-Biosphere (IGBP) – As the acronym suggests, it’s actually the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
  6. Terrestrial Observations (GTOS) – established in January 1996 by its co-sponsoring organisations (FAO which is the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, ICSU, UNEP or UN Environment Programme, UNESCO and WMO
  7. Ocean Research (SCOR) – Another ICSU body
  8. Ocean Observations (GOOS) – Another UNESCO body
  9. Ecosystem Change & Society (PECS) – a Future Earth core-project jointly sponsored by ICSU and UNESCO
  10. Space Research (COSPAR) – Another ICSU body that was set up in 1958.
  11. Radio Astronomy & Space Science (IUCAF) – set up in 1960 by URSI, IAU, and COSPAR
  12. Climate Observations (GCOS) – Created after a Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 9 April 1992 by WMO, IOC of UNESCO, UNEP and ICSU.
  13. Data for Science & Technology (CODATA) – another ICSU body
  14. Solar-Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP) – another ICSU body.
  15. Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) – created in 1992 in cooperation with UNESCO, TWAS and AAAS.
  16. World Data System (WDS) – as its name suggests, it is not national but another ICSU body.
  17. Health and Wellbeing in the Changing Urban Environment: a Systems Analysis Approach – An international scientific programme, approved by the ICSU 30th General Assembly in Rome, October 2011

So ICSU claim to be comprised of national bodies but that is not exactly true.  The backbone of the ICSU is the UN via UNESCO.  A bunch of the bodies comprising the ICSU were created by the ICSU itself.  That is one international circle jerk right there.  A lot of “organisation” is going on within these bodies for sure.  But really, what a joke.  Just take UNESCO for example.  UNESCO is the Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation of the United Nations.  Formed in 1945 they believe that

political and economic agreements are not enough to build a lasting peace. Peace must be established on the basis of humanity’s moral and intellectual solidarity.

UNESCO, 70 years strong in the peace game.  Great work team.  The self-proclaimed intellectual arm of the UN.  This shit is hilarious to me.  As you can see, there’s nothing new under the NWO.

One may cop visual sync while synchronously waving the ATS and UN flags:

The UN flag

During ep 127 the question was raised as to why the flat earth-theories were coming out now.  I’ve asked myself the same question.  When looking into flat-earth theories one may come across what some claim to be supporting evidence of a flat earth from the old testament’s genesis.  This is the bit of the bibes where god made the earth.  Why haven’t the RC fundamentalists been screaming about this before now?

While researching the ICSU and UN I saw that the UN are calling 2015-2016 the International Map Year (IMY).

..because we fucking love science…

Loving a map doesn’t necessarily mean that you love the territory, right?

The UN flag itself is a rendition of a map.  It’s called the Azimuthal Equidistant Projection.  This is a map projection where Antarctica exists as a ring of ice and snow completely encircling the warmer parts of the map.  It’s apparently been in use since the Egyptian Empire.  The UN flag version does not include Antarctica at all.  Instead, the land masses that constitute “the world” are partially encircled by a laurel wreath.  Many flat-earth theories claim that the AE Projection is the actual map of the flat earth.


So in the UN’s year of the map, 2015, flat-earth theories surface within the mainstream narrative that include the UN’s flag being based on an ancient map of the flat-earth.  Antarctica is absent from the UN flag while being the subject of a UN treaty that restricts open access to it.

Those familiar with Hollow Earth theories may have come across Admiral Richard E Byrd. Below I have embedded a video of him in 1954 – predating the ATS – discussing Antarctica on an episode of the Longines Chronograph.  Byrd discusses a landmass beyond the south pole larger than northern america that at the time of filming had not yet been explored.  Byrd mentions a US Government Antarctic recon expedition taking place at the time of filming that was looking for bases around the south pole.  Byrd goes on to say that he was assisting in the planning of a much larger mission that was to follow the recon mission and that there would be many missions to follow.  Byrd says this will happen year after year because the government has really become interested.

Russia is then name dropped as being the USA’s biggest challenger.  Byrd follows this with how he sees the strategic importance of the Antarctic region at the time of filming and into the future.  An interesting watch within the context of this post, Byrd describes the discovery of a coal deposit within 180 miles of the south pole that was estimated to be able to supply the world with coal for a very long time.  He says that there’s a lot of resources down there including uranium.  Byrd states

as we recklessly expend our resources a time will come when we will have to go after that stuff down there.

Also at 11:20 in the video Byrd says that in order to serve science he had to take 42 men on an expedition down south.

I think that the emergence of these kinds of theories now could be due to a general distrust of authoritative entities.  The level of distrust has reached the point that we are questioning the official physical layout of reality.  What do I use as the basis of trust in the entities prematurely claiming responsibility for the order of a chaotic world?  They are acronym laden filing cabinets.  I am the only entity that can experience my own reality anyway.

This may be the beginning of a process where we begin to create our own maps for where we really are individually without the collective version of where the boundaries start and finish having any meaning to us any longer.

They lied when they said there was no air in space


Porous Walker.  Well worth a follow on Inster.  Porous posted this one up just yesterday.  Check Porous’ own site if you want to cop Porous’ original pieces or just casually browse in awe.

Just in case you were doubting either Porous Walker or myself, I have spent some of my precious time to steal another image of Porous’ and I’ve posted it up here with no permission whatsoever…

Dorito Thief by Porous Walker
Dorito Thief by Porous Walker

Amazingly this piece was still available to buy for just $50 of some currency with no intrinsic value at the time of posting.

The space shittle illustration is representing what I am seeing as the faking of space.  The recent Pluto huzzah is a good place to start when it comes to this issue.

NASA has been full of shit since its inception.  How anyone can associate NASA with integrity baffles me.  That is my own opinion of course.  I look at NASA’s relationship with the US Government and NASA gets a fair amount of taint on it.  According to NASA’s storefront blurb they report to the White House…

This image was acquired by New Horizons’ Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) on July 14, 2015, from a distance of 48,000 miles (77,000 kilometers) and sent back to Earth on July 20.
NASA states that this image was acquired by New Horizons’ Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) on July 14, 2015, from a distance of 48,000 miles (77,000 kilometers) and sent back to Earth on July 20.

As the caption states, the image above is alleged to have been taken from a distance of 77 thousand kilometers from something.  77,000km from what they do not actually say.  I will assume that they are referring to a distance of 77,000km from pluto.

Pluto is alleged to be orbiting the sun at a very high speed in relation to speeds measured locally.  Mach 14 is the speed given to us by the scientists.  Of course this is hypersonic speed.  16,800km per hour.

New horizons itself was reported to be travelling through the vacuum of space at 82,077km per hour.

So I am meant to swallow that the White House can’t sort out complex issues at home but decide to prioritize and coordinate their efforts to get a crisp shot of Pluto – even though it’s travelling as fast as they claim that it is through space?

And I am expected to believe that these images are converted into data signals and they are sent to earth in the 4.43 light hours it takes for a radio signal to reach here from there.  That is 4.78 billion kilometers.  Don’t mind the six days between the acquisition of the image (14th July 2015) and its alleged transmission “back to Earth” (20th July 2015).

The solar system itself is meant to be hurtling through the galaxy at 72,000 kilometers per hour (Thanks Stanford).  Given that it apparently took New Horizons 10 years to travel the distance, we are not exactly in the same place we were when the mission started…

There are 8,760 hours in a year.  That means we move 630,720,000km through space every year.  So we had shifted roughly 6 billion 307 million 200 thousand kilometers since the start of their mission to Pluto.

Now, these numbers do not add up to me.  I guess the $18 billion dollars NASA plans to spend in 2016 is all going towards the advancement of the human race while the White House secretly murders their perceived enemies with drones for the same reason and maybe world peace too?

It’s not the astronomical details (So many big numbers!) that are of concern here.  They are all smokescreen as far as I am concerned because NASA is the White House and the WH has a bunch of agendas, some obvious, some cloaked in varying degrees.

The White House is an entity that will drop a nuke on you if it thinks it has to.  That’s the kind of event that has set the current political tone.  The last overt world war was stopped by the gay flight of the hero winners vaporizing innocent people with nuclear weapons.  Hold your flags up high, citizens and allies and understand and accept that this mass murder was for the greater good of humanity.

Even publishing an article that is critical of western governments these days is something that one should probably not do.  Why?  Well does it not get you on a kill list?  At least that is what we are meant to think.  That is the message I have received from all of this so-called whistleblowing that has been going on since Wikileaks started their drivel.  And the Snowden shit too.  Anyone who has been doing their homework on the US, UK and nearly all red-white-and-blue flag waving nations over the last 30 years knows of programs that were put in place to spy on everyone all the time.  None of these so-called revelations are even revelatory.

The truth that I get out of all of this is one of projection.  I see the current media owners and media owned running low on new material.  The current way of progress is one of force by perceived power.  And the perpetrators of terror are trying to turn the mirror around and call the kettle out.  Plain and simple, Australia the USA, Israeli and the UK governments are terrorist organisations.

By the Government of Australia’s own definition governments are terrorist organizations committing acts of terrorism.  A terrorist act is an act, or a threat to commit an act, that is done with the intention to coerce or influence the public or any government by intimidation to advance a political, religious or ideological cause, and the act causes death, serious harm or endangers a person, serious damage to property, a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or seriously interferes with, disrupts or destroys critical infrastructure such as a telecommunications or electricity network.

In Australian jurisdiction, a terrorist organisation is an organisation that a court finds is either directly or indirectly engaged in preparing, planning, assisting in or fostering the doing of a terrorist act, or an organisation that has been listed by the Government.

The government of Australia literally create terrorist organisations.  By this I mean that a government like the government of Australia determine which organisations they believe to be terrorist organisations.  Of course they conveniently fail to include themselves or their allies on the list, so they are not terrorists, right?  Just browsing their list and the details on the groups they determine to be terrorist groups is quite interesting as there are no links or footnotes to the information on why these groups are even listed as terrorist organisations.

Just to reiterate, I viewed all of the 20 pages dedicated to the 20 groups determined by the Australian Government to be terrorist organisations and there were no links to substantiate their listings.  I am a one man show here and you can see that I have tried to substantiate my writings with links directly to sources.

So the coalition of the willing are all terrorist organisations given their acts in Iraq alone.  They should all be waterboarding the shit out of themselves right now…

So I have an old (2010) post here that was inspired by a Steve Willner video on Hollow Earth theory.  I revisited it recently and have revisited the theory itself as there have been a lot of flat earth theories floating around the internets lately.  Within that post, I question the integrity of map makers Google and NASA.  I was delighted to see that Christopher Knowles had taken the time to look into the recent flat earth resurgence and post his thoughts on the matter.  I do not see things in the same way Mr Knowles does.  Knowles may rely too heavily on the idea of extraterrestrials to be able to cosign a model without planets.  After his own 2 weeks of research into the idea of a flat earth, Knowles states he can’t endorse flat earth because he has seen the curvature of the earth himself.  Knowles does not elaborate on where, when and how he saw the curvature, so readers are left to take his word for it just like we are left to do with NASA.

Looking at hollow earth theory is interesting within the context of there being flat earth theories.  If you were at a dinner party and you started spurting out hollow-earth talk you’d be skirting the fringe of dominant western social values.  I don’t think you would be invited back.  That being said, you would still be supporting a globular model of the planets within a heliocentric solar system.  And it is the alleged proof of a globular planet that is key to many flat earth arguments.

The last time NASA thought it was worth taking a photo of the entire planet earth was December 17 1972.  Apollo 17.  So we have to rely upon NASA for this proof.  I am willing to consider any model or map, even if it’s being presented by a psychopathic terrorist organisation.  As you can read above, I have considered some NASA data on Pluto and I think that it is more shit from a long string of shit,  with a high corn ratio to boot…

The 1st utterance on the track above (Real Earth – Cannibal Ox) inspired the title of this post and links up with El-P from the previous post here at PRR, you suckers.  Thanks Vast, Vordul and El-P.  No thanks to killers, rapists and liars, regardless of whatever cause they claim to be fighting for…

Wolf vs. House of Bricks pigs

Once upon a time when pigs spoke rhyme
And monkeys chewed tobacco,
And hens took snuff to make them tough,
And ducks went quack, quack, quack, O!

Ghostface Killah released the sequel to 12 reasons to Die earlier this July and seeing that he’s the one being emulated/idolised by ginger (Seeing red?) Queens rappers, I’m putting his effort at the top here. The track posted here, “Life’s a Rebirth” has a suicide right at the start of the track.  A recent post here of the “Them Changes” Thundercat song/video had an armless samurai, unable to perforn Seppuku after losing his arms in battle.

Seppuku is the ceremonial slicing of a samurai’s abdomen.  This resonates with Ghostface’s recent threats to gut ginger haired Queens, NY rapper Action Bronson like a pig.  “Life’s a Rebirth” is the finale of 12 Reasons to Die 2.  Ghostface’s verse echoes the words he uses in the above linked message to AB.

As thunder strikes and the clouds smother the full moon, Ginger haired Queens rapper Despot releases a video to accompany “House of Bricks”.  It contains some Wu-Tang and Ghostface references at the end, vibing with the current Ghost vs Action Bronson debacle.

So that’s the second ginger rapper from Queens to mention Ghostface’s name and generally emulate Ghostface in some manner.

Of course Despot had this project in the pipelines well before the recent Starks ‘n’ Bronsolini kerfuffle.

The above KEXP performance was published August 12 2012 and features another NY ginger, El-P.  So we have some wolf and pig sync flowing between these three ginger fellas and Ghost right now.

The Eagle on the arm and the Ghost/Wu lines are actually a pretty endearing part of the HOB track and video.  The same verse has actually been updated/rewritten since the KEXP performance as has the title of the track.  Despot added more Wu-ness to the last verse replacing blatant drug dealer raps.

I always thought Pretty Toney was awesome.  He’s Ghostface for zeus’ sake.  I’m not going to list how I perceive his awesomeness.  But to be frank, or Jack or some other honestly named human, the whole rap scene is full of the fake.  Fake beef, fake stories about criminal pasts.  It’s a really good thermometer for capatalism.  So many lies upon lies to increase sales.

Maybe that is why it is so entertaining for me.  It’s up there with advertising/infomercials and conspiracy theory for my choice of quality entertainment.  But that is what it is, an entertaining blurring of fake and less fake stuff.  That’s entertainment.  In order to follow you would have to invest in the narrative on some level just like watching an episode of CSI.  Rap’s just edgier and cooler for the kids.

So Ghost is huffing and puffing on Bronson’s house like the wolf, referring to Bronson as a pig.

The original Three Little Pigs tale has the straw and stick pigs eaten by the wolf  who is boiled alive and eaten by the brick pig…

Rap is literally emulating old English fairy tales. But this is nothing new. The Ruler, Slick Rick knocked it out the box a while ago:

Check 1:29 of the above video too as the name Tony is scrawled in all caps on the telephone pole while the pig squeals into the mouthpiece!