Hi there.  I found the below unpublished post in my posts list today.  The date stamp on the last edited date is 2012/11/30 but it was 1st started on Octeober 3 2012 so the info is dated but I am posting it because it’s relevant to the larger story being told on this “blog”.  If you… Read Article →

Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue feat. Kazu Makino The Soundcloud link to the previously embedded version.

Ever have the supposition that the colour that’s collectively recognised by humans as red may be perceived differently by others yet it’s still categorised as red by them?  For example, two people are looking at a rose.  Both agree that the roses petals are red in colour.  You may know what red looks like for… Read Article →

Flying Lotus has been featured here a few times before.  His work often led me to plant syncs.  Having a name like that tends to attract these energies…  Anyway, he’s back again and this video he’s got for Tiny Tortures off Until the Quiet Comes stars Elijah Wood.  So it’s a done deal for me… Read Article →

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