True blue

Nosaj Thing - Eclipse/Blue feat. Kazu Makino

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Rainbow perception

Ever have the supposition that the colour that's collectively recognised by humans as red may be perceived differently by others yet it's still categorised as red by them?  For example, two people are looking at a rose.  Both agree that the roses petals are red in colour.  You may know what red looks like for you, but how do you know that the other perceives red in the same way?  Let's say there's one human and one bird looking at the same rose.  Do they both perceive the rose to be the same actual colour?  If we could communicate with birds in what we consider to be the conventional sense, we may be able to determine whether or not they would even agree that the petals of the rose were one color or another.  How can we know?

There may be a clue in language.  In english, there's two ways of spelling the same word, color and colour.  Both mean the same thing.  If we venture outside the english language we notice that there are many words that describe the same thing.  And when we drill into the spectrum we will note different names for each of the colours too.

Giallo and yellow both mean jaune, whatever that means to you!

With that, take it away, Deepak...

It's nice that this video popped up during wabbit season over at the hole!

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Wync00035 - Tiny Tortures

Flying Lotus has been featured here a few times before.  His work often led me to plant syncs.  Having a name like that tends to attract these energies...  Anyway, he's back again and this video he's got for Tiny Tortures off Until the Quiet Comes stars Elijah Wood.  So it's a done deal for me already...  It's a great piece of work audibly and visually.  More tie ins with this site with severed arms.  Featured severed arms a bit back now...  Of course you can search the site and track this gear down.

I have another post in the works that covers more of the current Flying Lotus gear that I will post at a later date.

RIP Austin Peralta